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We are Good Teachers!

Why not "Excellent" or "Best"? That is for others to tell you

What sets Math Mavens apart from other tuition centres is our sole focus on Primary Mathematics education. Our team of full-time NIE-trained teachers work tirelessly to review and refine existing mathematical processes and methodology. We are proud to have developed a set of effective, efficient and elegant problem solving strategies which students can apply confidently when approaching Mathematics questions. By doing so, we aim to carve out a niche for ourselves as primary mathematics specialists.

Apart from work pertaining to the school syllabus, students are also exposed to activities and exercises that promote:

  • analytical, critical and logical thinking
  • application of heuristics and problem solving skills
  • better understanding of mathematical concepts
  • greater appreciation for Mathematics and its functionality in the real world

Learn With Understanding
A systematic approach to solving word problems using EFFECTIVE, EFFICIENT and ELEGANT methods.
A team of experienced, full-time NIE-trained teachers to support the learning needs of your child.
Classes of different learning pace are available to suit the learning needs of your child. Small class size for better interaction between teacher and students.

Our Programme

Conquer Challenging Problem Sums with Ease!

Using our ROAR TM problem solving process, our students will be taught to:

  • Recognise the Big Idea behind each sum
  • Organise the information given using uniquely designed methods
  • Act on the organised information to solve the problem sum
  • Review the answer for reasonableness and accuracy

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"Achieved Raffles Institution Primary Mathematics World Contest – Certificate of Distinction and First Prize in Open Category (Individual)" - Dylan Toh Shan Hong (Pri 6K 2012, Nanyang Primary)

"Mr. Teo encouraged me and helped me ... of math questions I did not understand. Through hilarious renditions and through teaching, he enabled us to grasp the basic concepts of math and ... to see that there was always more than one way to solve a math problem." - Sandra Tan (Pri 4Q 2007, Raffles Girls’ Primary)

"Mr Teo is a dedicated teacher. Helpful and patient with his students. He has a variety of ways to allow them (students) to understand the mathematics concepts thoroughly." - Seah Fengyu (Pri 6L 2012, Nanyang Primary)

"You were a great teacher and not just because I learnt a lot about math – you were able to make the most mundane lessons interesting. I also remember how you encouraged me and you made me enjoy what you were teaching! Thank you Mr Teo, for everything" - Shona Loong (Pri 6 2004, Raffles Girls’ Primary)

"He was perceptive and was able to ‘diagnose’ early some of the challenges faced by the weaker students and guided them accordingly. He was able to bring out the best in the students and help us achieve our potential, at the same time instill a love for Maths in us." - Seah Fengyu (Pri 6L 2012, Nanyang Primary)

"I think the best testimonial is that Clarissa enjoys the classes... She finds the classes challenging and stimulating." - Nina Khoo, parent of Clarissa Ng (Pri 6 2010)

"He ignites a child's interest in math, not just as a subject.. More importantly, to provide a life long interest..." - Charlotte Yew, parent of Alina Goh (Pri 6 2011)

"Mr Teo managed to bring my Mathematics score up from 76 (SA2 in primary 5) to 96 (Prelims in primary 6). Thank you so much!" - Wei Juan (Pri 6 2011, Opera Estate Primary School)

Let your child experience it himself... The only way to know if it suits your child is to give it a try.

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